Our Vision
Full size Artificial Pitch. Function Suite & Members Bar. Sports Hall.
Full Size Artificial Pitch
For use all day, all year round
Sports Hall
Every Sport, all year round
Function Suite
Any type of celebrations for up to 200 people
Members Bar
270 degree view of our sports fields
The Future...?
Let's make this happen!

Our Vision is to create generational security for our towns' sportsmen, women and children. A state of the art, fully inclusive and self-sufficient Sports, Social and Events venue.

‘Let’s dream big.’

A phrase uttered regularly in our development sub-committee meetings as we map out plans to provide one of the best facilities in the county, if not the country.

But how big is ‘big?’ Well, we want to be the BEST!

So, what is it?

Our ambitious plan is to develop the southern acreage of our site, namely the football/rugby field and surrounding areas.

Our iconic Cricket Pavilion will remain. Having weathered all that mother nature has had to throw at it for over 150 years, replacing it would be a travesty so it will continue to stand proud, overseeing all that lays below it. 

The development will probably have to take place in three phases:

However, this project is in its infancy. A huge amount of work has got us this far, but an awful lot of work remains. We need dedication, commitment, time and help. And we need to raise an enormous amount of money!

The images below provide a great illustration for what we hope will be the future of Ossett Cricket & Athletic Club.

What will this achieve?

We recognise how essential sport is and the endless benefits it can bring.

Exercise, health, happiness and social interaction. It teaches us how to commit, how to perform both alone and as part of a team. It forges life-long friendships and opportunities. We learn how to win and lose, and how to celebrate or cope. Sport provides mental wellbeing and a break from every-day troubles.

Perhaps most importantly of all, it teaches us how to have fun.

Our vision will secure the future of sport in Ossett and with it, all that sport has to offer. It will provide a self sustainable venue for social activities and events, over which we will retain complete control.

The self-sufficient nature of our vision means that we will not rely on handouts, local government or sporting bodies to keep the venue alive. A fundemental part of our business plan centres on the social and events arm of our club. Over recent years (even through Covid) our facilities have improved massively due to a growth in revenue from the bars and from event income. This has allowed us to reinvest.

The constitution dictates we cannot make a profit. Any excess funds MUST be reinvested and this internal growth has allowed us to get this project off the ground, to speak with architects, commission drawings and approach the council for planning advice, all self funded… at least so far.

Ultimately, if or when this vision comes to fruition, it will be a massive achievement that will benefit our town for decades.

Take a look at the images below. These illustrations show how our discussions have evolved from basic pencil drawings to architects plans.

We’re currently focussing on raising the funds.

Look out for updates here and on our social media pages too.