Sport in Ossett
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Sport has been played in Ossett for decades, and most of it has been played at Ossett Cricket & Athletic Club.

We are proud to be the headquarters for many of the active sports clubs in Ossett.

Cricket, Rugby, Football, Snooker, Rounders and many more sports are based at our club and we serve the community at all age levels and abilities.

Our facilities remain the envy of many a sporting peer across the county and we have plans to make them even better!

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Sport & the Constitution

Ossett Cricket & Athletic Club is guided by an age-old sporting constitution that governs all matters within the club. A small group of elected officials (all of whom are volunteers) carry the burden of decision making solely in the best interests of the Ossett sporting community, just like their predecessors did for decades.

An onerous task, but rewarding all the same. Sustainability is key and maximising the huge potential our bar area has to offer brings much needed funds in to the club, enabling our finance committee to distribute any profits back in to the sporting sections to help them continue to thrive.

These funds are essential for sport to flourish in Ossett.

Sporting Sections

Our Club hosts several teams at every age level, across many sporting disciplines. Click in the menu above to find out a little bit more about any of our sporting sections:

To join in, or for any further information please contact us.